The FLO CoRe+ charging station is purpose-built for versatile applications in public sites, workplaces, multi-unit residential buildings (condos and apartments), and commercial fleets.

With future-proof energy management features like PowerSharing and PowerLimiting, CoRe+ optimizes charging efficiency while accommodating increasing EV demands. Experience minimal electrical modifications for additional charging ports and reduced power demand on your building’s infrastructure.

The rugged cast aluminum casing ensures durability against extreme weather and corrosion, while the universal SAE J1772 connector and flexible cable maintain convenience year-round, even in winter’s coldest temperatures.

Elevate your charging capabilities with FLO CoRe+ for a future-ready charging experience.

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  • Type 4X enclosure in cast aluminum casing
  • Certified to operate in temperatures ranging from
    -40 °C to 50 °C / -40 °F to 122 °F
  • Equipped with a charging cable that remains flexible at low temperature
  • Wall-mounted and pedestal configuration options. Pedestal configuration helps meet ADA requirements
  • Pedestal configuration that helps meet ADA requirements
  • Modular design to facilitate servicingand maintenance
  • Access provided free of charge or according to a usage fee
  • LED status indicator
  • Optional cable management system
  • Optional cascading kit enables serial daisy-chain connection of multiplecharging stations on pedestals and on the same branch circuit


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