Introducing the FLO SmartDC™: Your Robust and Reliable Solution for Commercial and Industrial Charging

Discover the FLO SmartDC™, a powerful multi-standard charging station built for commercial and industrial use. With options for both 50 kW and 100 kW charging capacities, this station is designed to excel both indoors and outdoors. Its sturdy construction ensures a longer service life and unparalleled operational reliability, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Charging Made Easy Equipped with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (CCS1) connectors, the FLO SmartDC charging station guarantees a fast and dependable charging experience for every electric vehicle capable of DC fast-charging.

Stay Connected and In Control The FLO SmartDC comes complete with a cutting-edge remote management tool that seamlessly connects to FLO’s cloud-based servers. This powerful feature enables remote updates and real-time monitoring, making it a perfect fit for integration into any modern EV Charging Network.

Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with the FLO SmartDC™. Unleash reliability and performance like never before.

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• The FLO SmartDC has a robust type 3R casing, reliable and designed to withstand
harsh weather and corrosion
• Modular design to facilitate servicing and maintenance
• The FLO SmartDC is vailable in two versions: 50 kW and 100 kW maximum output
• Compatible with the CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (CCS1)
protocols (Tesla compatible, with adapter)
• RFID card and/or mobile app authentication and payment
• Optional cable management system in the 50 kW version
• Flexible billing based on time and/or kWh delivered, whenpermitted by local jurisdictions


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