Interested in Becoming a Site Host?

Collaborate with EasyEV Inc to install electric vehicle chargers on your property.

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Blink IQ200

Who can be a Site Host?

Site hosts own the land or have rights to improve where an electric vehcile charger can be installed. Hosts can be from various industries or land uses.

You can host an electric vehicle charging unit any place people can access it with a vehicle. It’s also a good idea to have utility supplied electrical service near by.

  • Businesses (big or small)
  • Residential or commercial developments
  • Municipalities and Parks
  • Hotels and Tourist destinations
  • Educational institutes
  • Transport and fleet

EasyEV Inc. Has Many Options for Site Hosts

There are many opportunities for you or your organization to capitalize on the shift to electric transportation.

With the largest brand offering in Manitoba, we can get the right set-up for your location. Hardware, software and installation, flexible or vertically integrated systems, we provide choice.

EasyEV Inc. can work with your strategy, large or small. If you have one parking spot or a high-rise development project.

Our provincial-wide installation network has experience with all types of electrical work.

Common Reasons to be a Site Host

For Customers

Having a convenient way for your customers to energize their vehicle, while patronizing your establishment makes good business sense. Customers charging spend more time on your premises, generating more potential revenue.

Being a site host can provide your customers with a value-added feature of your business.

For Tenants

Commercial or residential real estate investors and property owners use charging systems as a means to attract tenants. Real estate site-hosts are usually improving a current property or setting up sustainability goals for a new build.

For Employees

Good talent is hard to find, and even harder to retain.

The employees of the near future will be driving an electric vehicle. Adding a means for your employees to conveniently charge their electric car at the workplace will be a part of the total rewards package you offer.

Becoming a site host will also demonstrate your commitment to making our world a better place, something all members of an organization hope to collaborate with.

Source of Revenue

Site hosting a charging system can yield additional revenue for your business or property.

Through our channel partners, you have a selection monetizing options for charging units. Each brand offers something a bit different that the next.

EasyEV Inc. can offer integrated solutions or choice between hardware and software applications to create your perfect fit.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Becoming a site host helps the adoption of electric vehicles and the reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.

In the future, sustainability of buildings and residential units will become a prominent focus of policy. Having electric vehicle charging stations can allow you and your tenant achieve environment impact goals.

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I Want to be a Site Host!

Becoming a site host can be easier than you think.

Reach out to us for an easy conversation to see if it works with your strategy.

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