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Great question, especially when most vehicles come with a regular 120v ‘house’ pulg-in. There are numerous reasons, but the number one reason is charge time. Having the ability to get a fast charge and larger capacity of energy (fuel) into your car in less amount of time means more freedom to live your life more securely and conveniently.

EVSE stands for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. Contrary to what you think or heard, EVSE is not actually a “charger,” but rather electrical equipment that regulates the energy flowing to your car. Electric vehicles themselves come with the actual charging unit inside each car.

Schedule an assessment, choose a unit, build a quote and book an installation time!

Yes! All of our EasyEv installations are completed by a licensed electrician, with experience installing code-regulated electrical equipment for your application. This will give you piece of mind your installation was done correctly.

Yes, when installing or changing electrical components to your home or business, a permit is required. Work must be inspected by the City of Winnipeg permits office or, if you live outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba Hydro.

Yes, we do! That is one of the time-saving benefits of working with Manitoba’s first dedicated EVSE installation service! No need to worry!

Working with our certified electricians, EasyEV will assess what will be needed to get you fast charging at home.

Simply schedule an appointment and a representative will visit your home to determine if your current panel can support your vehicle's charging needs. If you require additional electrical work to accommodate your charging needs, EasyEV will work on a solution that fits for you.

That means you have room for breaker suitable for your car’s needs and we will not have to upgrade the panel itself, getting you one step closer to your green goals!

This is where it gets tricky, but we are to help you out.

The installation of a larger panel will cost more, due to the work involved. This work will usually require new equipment and rewiring of the breakers. If this is the case, then you would have to ensure things are brought up to code. Not such a big deal on a newer home, but can become costly for older houses. EasyEV will do its best to provide you the most economical option, after all, our mandate is to see the world go green!