Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURBs)



EasyEV Inc. can help your multi-unit residential building move in to the future of eMobility.



Multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) have unique requirements and no two installations are the same. Whether it’s building-design, location or energy needs of the project, EasyEV Inc. can help.




Installation of electric vehicle charging equipment in multi-unit residential structures can be costly and time consuming. They require careful planning, coordination and sometimes consensus, when a residential association or property management is involved.




Evolute installation in parking garage


Common Features Multi-Unit Residential Building Installations




User Access




Controlling user access to charging units is an important feature of security and cost management. Being able to limit a unit’s use to a dedicated user or group of users can prevent electricity theft.


This can be accomplished by either by using Radio Frequency Identification cards (RFID) or a software application. Products like the Evolute with EVDirect or JuiceBox Pro with JuicePass makes this task much easier.




Load Management




In a densely populated area, like an apartment block or condominium, having a charging system that can reduce heavy load on existing infrastructure is key to a cost-effective installation.


Load management can be achieved different ways, such as connecting the right products in series on the same circuit. Another way is to use technology and software applications that communicate with a management system.


These applications can identify the state of charge and charge rate of a particular vehicle. The applicaition can then balance the load and even prioritize charging to the vehicle that needs it the most.


Applications, can allow site-hosts to set up scheduled charging and limits on the amount of energy flowing to a system. This same technology will also take advantage of off- and on-peak demand pricing set by some utilities.


EasyEV Inc. has some great products and software solutions that can help.








Monetizing chargers at multi-unit residential buildings is a great way to share the cost of installation and energy. Having dedicated spots for charging that are cost-based, can provide a compromise solution.


Sometimes it is challenging to get a residential association or condo board to gain consensus or see the value of the near-future shift in transportation. Letting residents use the system as they need it can be a great solution while recovering costs or testing a system before scaling it larger.






EasyEV Inc. can provide you with different configurations and features. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for simple charging or more sophisticated load-balancing with user authentication, EasyEV Inc. is here to help you achieve your goals.






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