Grizzl-E Kodiak Single CCS 1

The Grizzl-E Kodiak Single CCS 1 is rated at 25 kW output power and will charge most EV cars typically in one hour.

This unit can be pedestal or wall mounted.

Based on a unique design without air filter, the maintenance needs are greatly reduced.

Thanks to its customizable front panel & user menu, it is an ideal solution for providing fast charging points at car dealerships, service centers, or enterprise fleet.

Connected wirelessly via OCPP1.6, upgrades, supervision and operation can be done remotely in a smart and optimized way.


If you are interested in commercial products and installation, please reach out to EasyEV Inc. for assistance.
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The Grizzl-E Kodiak Single CCS 1 is a compact 25kW DC fast charger. Suitable for commercial, fleet or dealerships. This unit can be pedestal or wall mounted.

Product Features:

  • Vehicle Connection: Single CCS 1
  • Input Power Requirements:Voltage 220V-240 VAC 50/60Hz 1 or 2 Phase (2P + Ground) Nominal input current 112A ,or; 3 Phase (3P+Ground) Nominal input current of 65A, or; 480V 50/60Hz 3 Phase (3P+N+Gorund) Nominal input current of 37A.
  • Max output power: 24 kW.
  • Cable length: 3.25 (10.6ft) meters
  • Dimensions:  H 1.25m (4.1ft) x L 0.50m (1.6ft) x W 0.25 (0.8ft. On Pedestal: H 1.85m (6.0ft) x L 0.53m (1.6ft) x W 0.3m (1ft)
  • Weight: 93kg (205lbs). With Pedestal: 138kg (304lbs)
  • Operating Temperature:-25°C (-13°F) to +50°C (122°F)
  • Relative Humidity: – 10% to 95% IP level: 55 / Shock resistance: IK10
  • Hardware Protection: Input fuses on each module, Output diode and fuse on power module, Fast-acting fuses on output, Charging plug defects / Communication failure
  • Electronic Protection: Overload and output short-circuit,  Over temperature and temperature regulation, Output over voltage
  • Internet Connection: Wireless 3G/4G via OCPP1.6, LAN/TCP IP
  • Payment and Identification: RFID reader
  • Display: 7-inch touch screen monitor


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