Grizzl-E Extreme – NEMA 14-50 Plug

$599.00 plus tax

Durable, great price point, cool camouflage design and made for tough Canadian climates.

Perfect for weather on the prairies! Grizzl-E’s Extreme unit comes with a premium cable and weather proof case. With its rugged case and camo design, this unit will fit with any outdoor enthusiast’s EV collection. If you’re charging up your electric quad, snowmobile or that brand new half-ton, this tough and durable unit is for you!


Starting at $599.00, the Extreme’s warranty can be upgraded, taxes and installation are additional.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs sold in North America. 
  • UL Tested and Certified. 
  • IP67  Water and Fire-resistant Aluminum Cast Enclosure. 
  • Over Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Missing Diode, Ground Fault, and Over Temperature Protections. 
  • Self-Monitoring and Recovery, Power Outage Recovery. 
  • Built-in GFCI. 
  • More power and output configurations for your money than any other charging station. 

 Product Specifications: 

  • Maximum Power Output: 40 Amp, 10 KW. Can also be configured to 16A, 24A, or 32A maximum current output. 
  • Charge Rate: 44 – 48 km per hour at 40A, 35 – 40 km per hour at 32A, 24 – 29 km per hour at 24A, and 16 – 19 km per hour at 16A.
  • Power Requirements: Requires Dedicated 240V, 50 Amp Breaker for 40A output, Dedicated 240V, 40 Amp breaker for 32A, Dedicated 240V, 30 Amp breaker for 24A, Dedicated 240V, 20 Amp breaker for 16A output.
  • Charging level:  Level 2
  • Wiring Plug:  NEMA 14-50P or Hardwired
  • Connector type:  J1772 Output Connector
  • Charging Cable length: 24ft Premium cable
  • Mounting type:  Wall Mounted – Mounting bracket with security anti-theft features. 
  • Enclosure:  Indoor and Outdoor, NEMA 4 aluminum cast robust enclosure. 
  • Operating temperatures: 30C to 50C 


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