Evolute EVO-40042

The Evolute EVO-40042 is a Smart Multi-User Electric Vehicle Charging System, designed and developed to address the unique challenges associated with deploying Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in both new and existing condominiums.
This amazing unit can help charge up to 20 vehicles at once!
The main challenges facing  condos are limited
capacity, remote control, billing, and consumer freedom. The  Evolute is the only system that addresses all four.
The Evolute’s advantage over other systems is giving  consumers full freedom of choice of charging unit, while providing an interactive app to control, monitor and pay for usage.
The Evolute’s software includes a cloud based dashboard for administrators and management, it provides tools for remote control, monitoring, billing, and account management.
Evolute is designed, developed, and manufactured in Canada using cutting edge innovation and
technology from Canada’s best talent.
Powered with Eaton Technology, Intelligence by EVdirect.


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The Evolute EVO-40042 provides a unique and paractical solution to parking garages and multi-unit residential buildings. The Evolute is a very cost-effective user and power distribution aplicaitons.

Product Features:

  • Main service to vehicle owner’s charging
  • Compatible with all Level 2 EVSE 208/240V
  • Load management using cutting edge technology
  • Smart Multi-Metering
  • Integrated Monitoring and billing
  • Desktop or mobile app access for admins and user
  • Upto 20 charging stations

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum Power Output:  400A, 208/240V. 6.65kW with 40A breakers; 8.32kW with 50A breakers.
  • Power Requirements:  75kVa or 112.kVa Main transformer. 
  • Charging level type:  Level 2 Charger. 
  • Mounting type:  Wall Mounted panel. 



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