ChargePoint CT4000

Presenting ChargePoint CT4000: The Ultimate Commercial Charger, setting new standards in functionality and aesthetics.

Its full-motion color LCD display offers dynamic branded content. Intelligent power management allows two charging ports to share a circuit, doubling parking spaces served. ENERGY STAR® certified, it conserves energy and reduces utility costs.

With one or two SAE J1772™ Level 2 ports, it charges any EV at up to 7.2kW. Install as bollard or wall mount, remotely upgradeable. Choose 6′ or 8′ tall models with 18′ or 23′ cords. CT4000 serves up to four parking spaces, accommodating all car models.

Upgrade your commercial charging with CT4000—efficient, versatile, and user-friendly.

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  • The CT4000 family is the latest generation of ChargePoint commercial charging stations. Refined yet rugged, these stations set the industry standard for functionality and aesthetics.
  • The CT4000 full motion color LCD display instructs drivers and supports dynamic
    updates of custom branded videos and advertisements.
  • Intelligent power management options double the number of parking spacesserved by allowing two charging ports to share a single circuit. Sites with singleport EV stations can upgrade to dual port stations without requiring additional
    electrical services.
  • The CT4000 is the first ENERGY STAR® certified EV charger because it charges effciently and conserves power when not charging. As an ENERGY STAR certifiedEV charger, the CT4000 uses significantly less energy than a standard EV chargerwhen in standby mode to help you save money on your utility bill.
  • All CT4000 models ofer one or two standard SAE J1772™ Level 2 charging ports with locking holsters, each port supplying up to 7.2kW. With this standard
    connector, ChargePoint level 2 stations can charge any EV.
  • Stations are available in bollard and wall mount configurations for easy installation anywhere. All stations are fully software upgradeable remotely over the air.
  • Stations come in both 6′ and 8′ tall models with 18′ and 23′ cords, respectively.
  • With multiple options for size and cord reach, your station can service up to four parking spaces, reach all car models regardless of parking style or car sizes and increase the usability of your EV spots.


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