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Home charger installation is key to the EV experience.

Great company, highly recommend! Marc takes the time to answer all your questions. Shipping was quick and he followed up to ensure the grizzl e charger arrived on time and in working order. Customer service is excellent. Charger is very well built!

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EasyEV Home Installation

Here’s why home charger installation is popular with electric vehicle owners.

Upgrading your charging capacity and ability is one of the most liberating experiences of switching to an electric vehicle. Stepping up to a level 2 charger at home is an investment that will allow you to capitalize on safety, convenience and lifestyle.

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Save Money

Reduce your dependence on public chargers that can cost double or triple your residential rate. Public fast chargers can cost between $10 to $20 a charge for convenience.

In Manitoba, our current residential rate is $0.09 per kilowatt-hour. By installing a home charger, you can take full advantage of these rates.

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Convenience and Lifestyle

Level 2 chargers are much faster than the level 1 supplied with your car. Level 2 chargers can provide up to 10 times the amount of energy as a level 1.

Have the ability to leave your home with a full charge, level 1 charging can be slow and not completely charge your car.

Once you start fast charging at home, you will never go back! You gain flexibility and reclaim time spent worrying about slow level 1 charging or trying to find a public charger.

Avoid waiting in line for a public charger. Even though charging speeds at DC rapid chargers are impressive, it can still take 20 to 45 minutes to charge. This means you can be waiting for another driver to finish, without knowing how much longer they need.

Manage your major energy costs in one place, on your home electricity bill. Less transactions to account for and see most of your energy costs in one place. This will also mean less opportunity for predatory banking fees and tracking of your purchasing behaviour.

Monitor your home charging with an app from your phone which will notify you when charging is completed. You can find free apps for this service, avoiding subscription fees. Apps will also show you how much energy you have used and can schdeule charging.

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No need to stop late at night and wait 20 mins to charge your car. Only use public chargers when needed. Have comfort you can fuel-up at home.

Stronger charging during cold weather. Battery capacity can be reduced in cold weather, having a level 2 charger at home ensures you are charged up. This will be one of the more compelling reasons

Avoid confrontation at public chargers in use. While some people are in a rush, some aren’t. In those times where you have little charge and find an occupied charger, with a home level 2 charger, you can avoid asking people if they are finished, by charging at home, with the power you need to fill-up.

Avoid out-of-order public chargers. Public chargers are exposed to the elements, vandalism, lack of maintenance and high usage rates. Being ale to charge your car fully over night at home, avoids running into distressing situations.


Incredible service, quick responses, and great support. Would definitely recommend purchasing from these guys.

D. Neufeld, Google Review

Why choose EasyEV Inc. for your home charger installation?

EasyEV Inc. uses licenced partners with experience installing all types electrical equipment.

We also demand a high standard of craftsmanship. All installations must meet or exceed the City of Winnipeg and/or Manitoba Hydro’s code regulations.

Province-wide installation network

EasyEV Inc, believes in supporting our local communities. Our network is always growing and we will make arrangements to reach you in your community, wherever you are.

Our coverage includes partners who service Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Selkirk, Steinbach, Oakbank, St. Annes, Ilse de Chenes, St. Andrews, Winnipeg and beyond.

We work to keep your investment money local, strengthening your community and neighbours.

We believe our local economies are what makes our province strong. Having a network, allows for cost advantages, which we can pass along to the consumer.

If you know of a certified electrician or electrical company in your area and think EasyEV Inc. can help grow their business, pass along this Partner Connect form. We are always open for a chat!

Our partners have experience

Our electricians are familiar with home electrical installations and charging equipment. This will give you confidence the work has been done correctly.

Our partners will help you make good decisions and will answer any questions you may have about your home charger installation.

If you need upgrades for your installation, we can help. All installations are done to code, without sacrificing the safety of you or your family.

We complete the permit process for you.

A proper home charger installation requires a permit application and inspection. This process can be tedious and time consuming.

That’s why at EasyEV Inc., we work with our clients to make this process convenient as possible. Our goal is to reduce any extra time you would otherwise have to spend completing this process alone.

We understand each home charger installation is unique

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. Installing your own personal and private charge station can be very simple, or more complicated.

EasyEV Inc. will ensure your install is the most economical as possible. If you need an upgrade or additional hardware, we will provide you with proper information. This allows you to make educated choices about your installation.

We want to see you achieve your eMobility goals.

Ask us about Manitoba Hydro Financing

We help you afford your installation.

EasyEV Inc. is registered with Manitoba Hydro to offer customers financing for their home charger installation with the Home Energy Efficiency Loan (HEEL) program.

The program allows financing up to $3000.00 for the installation of a home level 2 charger and any associated hardware or labour related to installation.

This is a great asset to electric car owners.

Ask us how we can help you apply for Manitoba Hydro’s financing programs.

Have more questions about home charger installation?

Feel free to reach out to EasyEV with any questions about installing a home charger, or any charging-related questions. We are here to help you achieve your goal.

Reach out today for a conversation!

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