EasyEV Sustainability Spotlight
02Nov, 22 2 November 2022EasyEV Inc.

Proud to be Featured by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce has published their first Sustainability Spotlight, featuring EasyEV Inc. and its Founder, Marc Beghin.

“We are proud to be the first business featured by The Winnipeg Chamber in their Sustainability Blog,” Marc Beghin, said. “Our association with, and The Chamber’s activities sincerely help businesses grow.”

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is bringing awareness and a voice to the business community for sustainable issues. Recent hire Casey Clair and the newly-created position of Energy and Climate Advocate, is a clear commitment by The Chamber.

“It is important going-forward, businesses need strategies that respect the environment and have sustainable business practices.” Beghin continues, “Initiatives such as having an Energy and Climate Advocate, or even organization such as BizforClimate are essential to make an impact.”

Climate Pledge

EasyEV Inc. has pledged its name to a climate initiative BizforClimate. By signing-up or “pledging,” businesses join the charge against climate change.

Providing a voice for business and advocating for changes that positively impact the environment, is the goal of BizforClimate.

If you, or your business is curious about BizforClimate or its objectives, reach out to Derek Earl, Chair. If you would like to pledge your business’ name at no cost, click here.

EasyEV Inc. has been a member of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce since 2021 and since joining, has enjoyed The Chamber’s support of local business.

Through Member Meet-Ups, State of the City or Province and countless other endeavours to help business learn, grow and connect. EasyEV is appreciative of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and its staff.

For more information on The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, contact their office at 204 944-8484 or email info@winnipeg-chamber.com.

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