16Dec, 21 16 December 2021EasyEV Inc.

Manitoba’s helpful Electric Car Charging Specialists

There is a new business in Manitoba whose purpose is to help consumers for the transition to electric mobility, introducing EasyEV Inc..

EasyEV Inc. will help you navigate the purchase and installation of electric car charging equipment. Home or business owner, EasyEV Inc. will help you understand what is required to get you charged-up.

EasyEV Inc., Electric Car Charging Made Easy.

Home Installation

Most of your charging will be at home, almost 80 to 90%.

There are many charging equipment options on the market, which can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.

EasyEV Inc., will help you find suitable charging equipment for your needs and the installation to match.

Our installers are independent Certified Electricians who focused on quality and helping the customer. EasyEV Inc. chooses to support local business in your Manitoba community.

Multi-Unit Residences and Real Estate Investors

If you have a existing property or planning on investing, EasyEV Inc. can help you future-proof your investment and increase the value.

In the near future, most residences will have electric car charging equipment. EasyEV Inc. matches your property’s requirements to the correct equipment and qualified installers, big or small.

EasyEV Inc. can provide solutions for load managment, user access and monetization of charging ports.


As transportation electrifies, many organizations will require investment to keep up with regulations and competitors. EasyEV Inc. can help you make those initial steps to making your fleet compliant, sustainable, cost effective and profitable.


Business owners know they are competitng for customers and employees. Have the correct charging mix to maintain your fleet, or attract the modern employee who expects their employer to have charging equipment. EasyEV Inc., can help you determine what makes sense and what you don’t need.

EasyEV Inc. will help you select network monitoring, allowing you to carefully watch you eneergy consumption and provide opportunites to generate a postive return on your investment.

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