Cost to Charge an Electric Car?EasyEV Explains
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Cost to Charge an Electric Car

How to Calulate the Cost to Charge an Electric Car Let’s Figure-Out How Much to Fill the “Tank” It’s easier than you think, let’s understand the difference from putting gasoline in your car. When calculating the cost to charge an electric car, we assume everyone knows electricity is our fuel, rather than gasoline, diesel …

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How long does it take to charge my electric car?EasyEV Explains
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How Long does it take to Charge my Electric Car?

How to Calculate Charging Times for your Electric Car About Charging Times and Electric Vehicles How long it takes to charge your electric car depends battery size, maximum charge capability and the amount of energy supplied. Battery capacity can vary from 9 kWh to over 91 kWh, depending on make and model. Technology is changing rapidly, in terms of c …

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EasyEV Explains
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Which Electric Vehicle Connector do I use?

The Most Used Electric Vehicle Connectors About Electric Vehicle Connectors When connecting your electric car to a charger, you need to know what will work. The AC chargers used at home have different power outputs than public DC fast chargers, who have two connector variations used in North America. Whether you call them pistols, connectors or pulg- …

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EasyEV Inc, Electric Vehicle Charging Levels ExplainedEasyEV Explains
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Electric Vehicle Charging Levels Explained

What are Electric Vehicle Charging Levels? Chosing what level of charger to use is important to maximize your enjoyment and reduce range anxiety. It isn’t that complicated, once you have the basic understanding. “Levels” are 1, 2 and 3, which get more powerful from the first level upwards. Let’s dive in! Level 1 120-Volt – …

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