EasyEV Inc. offers a simpler way for the customer to get charging, fast.

EasyEV Inc. is your go-to destination for seamless EV charger installation and sales. Our turn-key solutions and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service make adopting EVs a breeze. Join us in driving the future of sustainable transportation. Contact EasyEV Inc. today to explore our comprehensive range of EV products and services.

EasyEv Inc. Electric Car Charger Installation

Our Mission at EasyEV Inc. is to provide consumers turn-key car charger installation solutions with the highest possible customer service and quality products.

EasyEV Inc. attempts to use Canadian manufacturers and distributors to procure car charging units. The units are selected for reliability in our Canadian climate, at affordable costs. Installers are local, selected for their focus and adoption of new technology with personal commitment to EasyEV Inc.’s mindfulness of the consumer and environment.

Social Responsibility

EasyEV Inc. is committed to creating a positive impact on the world around it. Focusing on responsible business practices by engaging ethically towards stakeholders and the environment, is a priority for EasyEV Inc.. As the organization grows, it will take steps to minimize its impact to the environment by adopting friendly ways of operating and conducting business.

Our ‘Why’

EasyEV Inc. was born of the idea Manitoba, and the city of Winnipeg, needed a full-service electric car charger installation company that can take care of the customer’s needs, start-to-finish, by removing barriers and making the adoption of electric vehicles easier to fit people’s lifestyles.

We are driven by advantages eMobility can bring to our communities across the province. Manitoba is positioned well to become a leader in clean energy. Changing our transportation behaviors can have impact beyond the environment, by reducing household maintenance and energy costs.  Investing in eMobility infrastructure also represents a new opportunities for local businesses and ensuring our investment in Manitoba Hydro bears fruit for generations to come.

Our Installers

As part of EasyEV Inc.’s mission to provide the customer with turn-key car charger installation, EasyEV Inc. saves the client time by having a network certified electricians within the province of Manitoba, including the city of Winnipeg, who are experienced with the proper installation methods for your project. EasyEV Inc. makes your life simpler by choosing the the correct installer and completes the frustrating permit process saving hours of time for you.

Our Products

EasyEV Inc. is mindful in its choice of installers and also it’s choice of products. First and foremost, EasyEV Inc. looks to partner with companies who manufacture in Canada. Next, we look for companies who have operations in Canada and then products which are cost-effective, reliable and rated well for our extreme Manitoba weather. We are always looking to expand our offerings to provide more choices for our customers.

By surrounding the client with values-based business , EasyEV Inc. can ensure it delivers the best experience

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    As the world changes, EasyEv Inc. is committed to playing a role in the improvement of the world’s air quality.
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    EasyEV Inc. focuses on quality of craftsmanship, knowing that quality installations with quality products, creates satisfied customers.
EasyEV Inc. Electric Car Charger Installation
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    EasyEV Inc. values the relationships it creates over time, acknowledging great relationships are the foundation of a good business.
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    EasyEV Inc.'s foundation is built on integrity; by acting responsible in all facets of operations and when dealing with relationships.

EasyEV Inc is a Proud Corporate Member of

Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Manitoba Environmental Industries Association
Electrical Contractors Associaton of Manitoba
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